Training & Lifestyle Optimization

Boost your athletic performance and live your healthiest life


The lack of a sustainable plan can keep you from reaching your potential

We realize how frustrating it is to see your athletic performance plateau or feel like you're not at optimal health. Without a sustainable approach to training customized to your body, you won't feel as strong, capable, and healthy as you'd like.

Holistic training and lifestyle support that prioritizes your health and wellbeing


Getting a complete picture of the individual is crucial for health, preparation, and performance. Analyzing your body thoroughly will give us the right data to develop the most appropriate plan for you.


Feeling great and performing at a high level aren’t things everyone can achieve on their own. Our coaching focuses on essential factors impacting your health, and together will build a customized plan to help you reach your goals.

HUB Training Center offers truly exceptional individualized coaching based on metabolic testing, physical assessments, racing goals and the personality of the athlete.

Rebecca Angus

What a cool experience! Without boring anyone with the details I had the bmr test and fat burning test done which is going to help me train and refine my nutrition plan.

Justin Moyer

Dr. Green and team are clearly passionate about helping athletes of all abilities achieve and surpass their goals.

Jennifer Gardner

The HUB Approach

A complete athlete requires a complete process

Increase your body’s resiliency

Train injury free

Receive truly customized plans based on your body

Benefit from a proven scientific approach to health

Live an active, healthy, and more vibrant life

Set yourself up for healthy aging

Created by endurance athletes who happen to be doctors, we've dedicated our medical careers to helping people heal their bodies and live a more vibrant life.

Many people get tired of guessing which training and lifestyle tweaks would help them optimize their health. Without a thorough, data driven, and scientific approach to creating a health and training plan, one that uses the latest cutting edge science and technology, you may be spinning your wheels, not truly satisfied with the results. We believe the best way to train is with your health in mind, and want you to both perform at your best and live your healthiest life. Do what's best for your body, schedule a consultation today to start down the path of healthy performance.

You deserve to reach peak performance with a healthy body

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