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Many athletes dedicate their lives to training only to fail to reach optimal health and performance. It’s frustrating not having a sustainable training plan that both helps you feel great and helps you get great race results.

HUB Training Center is built on the belief that every athlete deserves to reach peak performance with a healthy body.
We realize how frustrating it is to see your athletic performance plateau or feel like you’re not at optimal health. Without a sustainable approach to training that’s customized to your body, you may not feel as strong, capable and healthy as you’d like.
Founded by endurance athletes who happen to be doctors, HUB has dedicated itself to offering holistic training options that prioritize health and well-being to help athletes maximize performance.
We take people with all athletic abilities through our Transform Me process, focusing first on Healing, ensuring you are both physically and mentally ready to perform. Next, we take time to Understand your body by using thorough, data-driven, and scientific testing to create your customized plan. The end goal is to help you Build the body you want to get the best athletic results of your life.
Our comprehensive testing and coaching focuses on mobility, stability, strength, nutrition, and performance. This approach helps you avoid injury and become a more complete athlete.
If you’re tired of lackluster racing results or are just not feeling your best, we’re here to help. Your training can allow you to live an active, healthy, and more vibrant life. Schedule a Call with us today!

Dr. Rob Green

Founder and CEO

Doctor of Chiropractic, New York Chiropractic College
BS in Biology, Penn State University

Two big things fascinate me–competing and the human body. I love seeing people perform at the highest levels; however, so many injuries happen because people are abusive to their bodies when training. Most people we work with are putting in the effort, yet it’s misguided effort. They look for a magic fix, the right shoe, exercise, or fad, only to find themselves even more frustrated. I started HUB to help people discover a better relationship with their bodies. This is where lasting health begins and performance skyrockets. The body is a truly fantastic machine that can do extraordinary things. When training combines consistency, enjoyment, improvement, and injury reduction, a person discovers a self-improvement path that never ends.
Racing accomplishments: 20+ Ironman races, Escape from Alcatraz, Challenge Roth, American Triple T, Big Savage Man Challenge, and The Kona Ironman World Championship (3x). Won King of the Mountain in Boon, NC after The Bear Run, Bear Century Bike, and Grandfather Mountain Marathon.

Dr. Marion Herring

Founder and Medical Consultant

Orthopedic Surgeon at Ortho Virginia
Specialist in sports medicine and knee, shoulder, and elbow treatment
Member of American Society of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery

I’ve reached some of the most prominent goals people strive to achieve in endurance racing. While exciting at the moment, it came at a cost. My health and life were unbalanced because of how hard I pushed. HUB exists to create sustainable and balanced training so individuals can attain vibrancy in life as they age. Unfortunately, too many people find themselves broken and burnt out from pushing too hard. As I get older, I still am on the ultimate search to become the best me. I like to think this affects all that we do at HUB. I genuinely believe we can help athletes avoid making the same mistakes we’ve made by developing better habits that lead to a healthier and more balanced life, all while reaching peak performance.
Racing accomplishments:
10 Ironman races, Ironman World Champs in Kona (3x),
Boston Marathon, All American Status for Triathlon, Team USA
Triathlon at Long Course World Champs, Savage Man Triple,
Triple T, and Grandfather Mountain Double
Integrative Health, Fitness and Nutrition Coach

Jodi Cash

Certified Health Coach through the Institute of
Integrative Nutrition
Certified NASM Nutrition Coach
Girls Gone Strong Women’s Coaching Specialist
Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach
I thrive on helping athletes find and realize their full potential in fitness and in life. Throughout my time spent competing as a triathlete and runner, I haven’t stopped exploring how athletics and wellness make my life fuller, healthier and more meaningful. As a coach, I have led my athletes on a similar journey. I’m able to find many ways to connect with, and inspire, my athletes and teams to find their unique paths to success.
Strength & Conditioning Coach

Sarah English

BS in Health Fitness from East Carolina University
TRX-3 Operator
DVRT Kettlebell & Sandbag Certification
Sarah brings sports development and weightlifting expertise to HUB clients. As a former Combat Fitness Specialist and strength coach for the United States Marine Corps, she knows how to help individuals reach high levels of success.
Swim Coach

Benji Demotte

Swam Division 1 at Syracuse University
Former Head Coach Binghamton University
Former Head Coach at the University of Arkansas
Former Head Coach for USA Swimming Clubs in
Jacksonville, Charleston
Current Head Coach for USA Nashville
Benji knows how to get the best out of his athletes, having coached some of the top athletes in the world, including 5 Olympians, 1 World Record Holder, 1 Masters National Champion, 6 National Record Holders. His over 30 years of coaching has given him 8 coach of the year titles, and 7 conference wins. He has also personally completed four Ironman 70.3 and Ironman Lake Placid.

You deserve to reach peak performance with a healthy body

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