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Instead become a HUB Athlete 

I remember how it felt to cross the finish line of my first Ironman and hearing my friend Mike Reilly say these words, “YOU ARE AN IRONMAN.” It was an incredible feeling of emotions, this finish line being the culmination of months of hard work and sacrifice. 


While the heights of being an Ironman are tremendous, I would challenge everyone who is considering becoming one to think twice. Take it from me, I’ve been there, and Ironman isn’t what you are looking for. 


1. Ironman training makes you less athletic 


Iron is in the name! Of course, these people are strong. They have incredible athletic bodies. They are strong, powerful, and fast. They are role models to their families and all those around them. They can run, bike, and swim, participating easily in any sport they like!   




The “athlete” that solely focuses on ironman training quickly becomes fragile. Their “athleticism” makes them great at one thing: moving straight ahead. 


The muscles that propel them forward are strong and efficient. However, their stabilizer muscles that help them move side to side or provide core stability quickly become forgotten. 


This type of athlete will cringe and run away if asked to play ultimate frisbee or help move a couch. The lack of core stability quickly leads to muscle imbalance and injury. 


The Ironman athlete trains long hours just pounding out the miles. Most people can’t hold perfect form for a long duration. As they get fatigued, their body fails, and their form falls apart. 


Their swim, bike, and run techniques suffer. This inefficiency leads to breakdown and injury. This inefficiency leads to the “athlete” being good at going slow. 


2. Ironman training leaves you fragile. 


Many Ironman “athletes” have an ideal weight. They’ve seen the freaks at the races or on TV that are super lean, so they believe the lighter they are, the better they’ll race. 


They starve themselves during training leaving their engine desperate to be refueled, but they fail to provide calories. This anemic, anorexic state is toxic. The body starts to break down muscles, and then they implode. This “ideal race weight” leads to compromise of the immune system leading to illness. 


A healthy race weight should always leave you feeling healthy, strong, and happy.  


3. Ironman training destroys families 


Is it worth crossing the finish line if, when you get home, no one is happy to see you? 


Many Ironman “athletes” sacrifice family and friends during training. They are gone for long periods on the weekends or their day off to complete that long ride or run. They come home to eat and disappear for a nap. This is a very selfish sport. 


An athlete should be a role model to their kids, family, and friends. If you are not present, you are not fulfilling these goals. Family first is a foundational HUB motto. Yes, long training sessions are needed if you intend to reach your goals; however, thinking about timing and the impact on others is vital to your success. 


Instead of being an Ironman Athlete, become a HUB Athlete. 


Set that big scary goal. We’ll help you get there. 


However, picture this–you crossing the finish line whole, strong, and happy. And then you return home to your family embracing you, proud of what you accomplished.  


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Be the Best U!